always have hope

always have hope

Remember to always have hope!

This knitted hat by Swedish brand HOPE really sums upp my feelings at the moment and sends a signal to everyone that I meet to have the same. I have looked at it for a while and found it on sale this weekend so had to buy it. My mother-in-law is doing ok, but her tumour can not be cured so just hoping now to make it stable and hopefully out does not grow back too fast. She is the sweetest and so full of life, laughter and kindness. We hope to have her here for a while yet provided that she is not in pain or suffering.

My outfit of the day also consists of my favourite denim at the moment for Tiger of Sweden as well as my too comfy and cool winter boots, Mount Baker from Canada Snow, bag from Marc Jacobs and down jacket from The North Face, similar here.

Hoppet är det sista som överger människan! Älskar min mössa från HOPE som jag plockade upp på rea i helgen. Den är en del i min outfit idag och skickar rätt signal för hur jag mår för tillfället. Min svärmors tumör går inte att bota men vi hoppas ha henne här så länge som möjligt, vi gör det bästa av tiden. Är hos och med henne ofta. Glädje, värme och kärlek till alla.


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